Acid Mine Drainage

Want to know more about Acid Mine DrainageClick here for an article from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

This page will be populated with information on acid mine drainage.

Mt. Polley tailings dam failure lawsuit by Imperial Metals in the The Supreme Court of B.C. “alleges the flawed tailings storage facility in question was designed and monitored by Knight Piesold from the late 1980s to 2011, and then by AMEC until its collapse in August 2014. Each of the defendants failed to undertake necessary, proper and reasonable investigation of the subsurface conditions underlying the (tailings storage facility) prior to and during its phased construction and operation,” the lawsuit stated”. While reading the draft EIS for Cochrane Hill ensure that Atlantic NS Mining Corp. has demonstrated that geotechnical studies have been conducted to accurately reflect the underlying subsurface conditions.

Example of a Tailings Pond Management ,Operational and Surveillance Manual. We will not see this detail in the EIS but it provides the public some insight into what we should be asking for with respect to these aspects of the TMF tailings management facility should environmental approval be granted. One may be able to see some of these elements in the Industrial Permits for the Touquoy Mine, search for Atlantic NS Mining Corp.

Operations Plan for Guysborough Waste Management Facility. I found this document useful for: the description of the “cells(holes)” composition and leak detection system, surface water management, leachate management, monitoring and reporting requirements. Although not directly related to a tailings management facility, it provides insight into what to look for in the EIS related to the TMF.

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