Notice of Webinar on Geotechnical Aspects of Tailings Dams and their Failures – Thursday Sept 5 at 3:00 Atlantic Time – Short Notice

YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE EVENT TO PARTICIPATE The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Committee on Geological and Geotechnical Engineering (COGGE) is hosting this webinar which will review some significant tailings dam failures and failure rates relative to other facilities. Key aspects of geotechnical failures of tailings dams and shear strength concepts for loose granular […]

Independent Tailings Review Board (ITRB)Presentation – Sherbrooke

This blog is about the content of the presentation and not the forcible removal of an attendee that ensued during the second presentation on May 23rd. It took considerable time to separate the content and intent of the presentation from the events of that evening. Coverage of the event and ensuing fall out may be […]

Seasonal Residents Community raise their voices on the proposed Cochrane Hill gold mine.

Preface: This guest blog from the seasonal residents community of the Municipality of the District of St. Mary’s is a copy of an Open letter sent to the president of the St. Mary’s River Association regarding their view of the impact of the proposed Cochrane Hill gold mine. As you read through the letter we […]

Second Tailings Management Session

Due to popular demand or public pressure….. Congratulations community! At Atlantic Gold, we understand that there is a lot of interest in Thursday’s Tailings Management Session. To respond to this demand, Atlantic Gold has asked the expert panelists to stay in Sherbrooke later then they had originally planned to provide a second session.We are pleased […]

Dr. Kevin Spencer

Questioning the long-term future of the St. Mary’s River and surrounding community in the shadow of the proposed Cochrane Hill Gold Mine. Preface: With the recent announcement of the friendly takeover of Atlantic Gold by another Australian mining company St. Barbara, it becomes imperative that the community speak out. See information on the takeover Atlantic […]

Atlantic Gold Presentation on Tailings Dam & Management Facility in Sherbrooke

The purpose of Tailings Review Boards (TRBs) are to solicit independent review and scrutiny of the technical aspects related to the design, construction, operation and closure planning of tailings facilities. After the Mt. Polley tailings dam breach, an Independant review of the Mt. Polley Tailings Dam Breach was undertaken. The August 2014 breach of the Mount Polley copper and gold […]

The Conversation Begins

Welcome: I have seen salmon swimming upstream to spawn even with their eyes pecked out.  I have seen salmon fighting to protect their nests. I have seen them push up creeks so small that they rammed themselves across the gravel. I have seen them swim upstream with huge chunks bitten out of their bodies by […]

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