Cochrane Hill Mine Project Description

The August 19, 2019 Information Session on the proposed Cochrane Hill Gold Mine was recorded. In the near future, the video footage from the meeting will be available on this blog.

August 19, 2019 Town Hall Meeting Sherbrooke – Kris Hunter’s Powerpoint presentation on The importance of wild Atlantic salmon and the recovery efforts on the St. Mary’s River

A copy of the full Cochrane Hill Gold Mine Project Description.

For a copy of the summary Cochrane Hill Gold Mine Project Description.

Auditor General Michael Pickup’s Report on Environmental Assessments

The main Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency page for all documents related to the Proposed Cochrane Hill Gold Mine.

Example of An Industrial Permit for Touquoy Mine includes discussion on noise, air quality, groundwater and surface water elements monitoring, need for a continued Community Liaison Committee, blasting limits etc.

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