MANS Sean Kirby responds to Atlantic Canada takes on Atlantic Gold

THE XAVERIAN WEEKLY: Atlantic Canada takes on Atlantic Gold.

Ghost towns emerge from toxic mud of Brazil mining disaster

Bolivia walks away from Joint Venture with German Mining Company

Globe and Mail: At least 166 mining waste dams have had stability issues in the past – You will hit pay wall.

Mining will face tsunami on environmental and social governance front

Vale misled public on dangerous dams prompting Brazil probe

African miners reviewing legalities around tailings dam failures.

HRM warns of arsenic contamination in stream – CBC News

CBC Ideas – Interesting listen on the tactic of the mining industry- Mining Science. Its value lies in the assessment and analysis of the strategies and behaviours of mining companies.  Some of these behaviours and strategies are recognizable. Thanks to Barbara Markovits.

Environment Commissioner Audit -Canada Fails to Protect Water and Fish from Mine Pollution

The Narwhal – British Columbians saddled with $40 million clean-up bill for Mount Polley as Imperial Metals escapes criminal charges

The Narwhal – No provincial charges for Mount Polley mine spill

Mt. Polley Tailings Dam Failure – Report of Independent Investigation and Review – You Tube Summary and Electronic Report. Following this video you can see another video from a community member that worked at the mine. Despite the fact the report indicates that there was no warning of the pending failure, this worker contradicts this claim, he states that a grade 5-er could see that the dam was bulging, 6 months before it happened. He reported his concerns not only to the Company management but also the Ministry of Mines – to no avail. He also speaks of ‘bullying” and threatening from other staff members, get with the program or else! This is quite common. Another contradicting opinion from a tailings dam forman. Note his comments on lack of material for the mine, the need to expand the dam wider not higher.

Breaking News – St. Barbara to Acquire Atlantic Gold

Mining Skagit River headwaters invites disaster – Opinion piece Seattle Times

BHP hit by $5 billion lawsuit over 2015 dam failure in Brazil

Taxpayers Swallow Costs of Mine Pollution

Canada Fails To Properly Protect Waters & Fish from Mine Pollution

Investors Urge Miners to Disclose Mine Tailings Safety Record

20 Questions Asked on Safety of Mine Tailings Dams

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