Environment Commissioner Audit -Canada Fails to Protect Water and Fish from Mine Pollution

The Narwhal – British Columbians saddled with $40 million clean-up bill for Mount Polley as Imperial Metals escapes criminal charges

The Narwhal – No provincial charges for Mount Polley mine spill

Mt. Polley Tailings Dam Failure – Report of Independent Investigation and Review – You Tube Summary and Electronic Report. Following this video you can see another video from a community member that worked at the mine. Despite the fact the report indicates that there was no warning of the pending failure, this worker contradicts this claim, he states that a grade 5-er could see that the dam was bulging, 6 months before it happened. He reported his concerns not only to the Company management but also the Ministry of Mines – to no avail. He also speaks of ‘bullying” and threatening from other staff members, get with the program or else! This is quite common. Another contradicting opinion from a tailings dam forman. Note his comments on lack of material for the mine, the need to expand the dam wider not higher.

Breaking News – St. Barbara to Acquire Atlantic Gold

Mining Skagit River headwaters invites disaster – Opinion piece Seattle Times

BHP hit by $5 billion lawsuit over 2015 dam failure in Brazil

Taxpayers Swallow Costs of Mine Pollution

Canada Fails To Properly Protect Waters & Fish from Mine Pollution

Investors Urge Miners to Disclose Mine Tailings Safety Record

20 Questions Asked on Safety of Mine Tailings Dams

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